• 17 kVA 3 Phase Diesel (GE17YXS) Economy
    17 kVA 3 Phase Diesel (GE17YXS) Economy
The Genset-Online ‘Economy’ range has been introduced as a cost-effective alternative to our mainstream ‘Premium’ brands and is a perfect option for standby and low duty cycle applications. Incorporating OEM engines based on European design, and come complete with a single bearing, 4-pole, brushless alternator and Automatic voltage regulation.
The unit also includes a ‘Deep Sea’ remote start/stop control system, base fuel tank, and a weather protective acoustic canopy.
Genset-Online ‘Economy’ powered generating sets are fully integrated power generation systems that go through the same comprehensive pre-delivery and inspection process as our ‘Premium’ range, including battery, oil and coolant checks, along with wiring inspection to ensure AS3000 compliance. Providing optimum performance, reliability, and versatility for standby power application.
  • Standby: 17 kVA (13 kW)
  • Prime: 15 kVA (12 kW)
  • Voltage: 415/240 V
  • Current: 21 A
  • Phase: Three
  • Power Factor: 0.8
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Speed: 1500 rpm
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17 kVA 3 Phase Diesel (GE17YXS) Economy

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